Donate! It’s a bloody good job.

14th February and 14th November are the dates which are celebrated in a grand fashion in the Indian subcontinent. However, there’s a 14th in the month of June which is celebrated as the blood donor day not only throughout the country but all around the world. It was established by the WHO i.e. the world health organisation in the year of 2004 solely to serve as the day to raise awareness among the masses regarding the importance and need of safe blood and blood products and also to thank the blood donors for their voluntary services offered by them to save the lives of the people in need of blood.

This day is one among the eight official global health campaigns marked by the world health organisation or WHO and every year this day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of great late Karl Landsteiner a well-known scientist of the 19th century. The WHO every year come up with a new theme to support the blood donor day of every year and the theme for this year of 2017 is

What can you do to??

Give blood,

Give Now,

Give often”

The world blood donor day gives us all a precious opportunity to not only understand the importance of the availability of clean blood in the society but also provides the needful with this idea that there are people all around the world who just want to help the people, for whatever reason, be it some personal feelings for the patient which has driven the donor to take the step or as in 57% of the worldwide cases, just so that the donor could get this sense of personal satisfaction and relief that he/she has helped someone live longer.

A lot of us might be having this feeling that what are we getting out of it, but then when one donates blood the amount of blood taken at a time doesn’t exceed 300-400 ml. This amount of blood taken from a healthy person doesn’t affect the donor however the same amount may help save a patient’s life. Thus we might not be gaining something out of it on a personal level but we are not losing something as well, but when we try and think a bit out of our personal level what we are getting out of this donation is not only the life of a person but also the prayers from the patients family members for our well-being and at last but not the least when we learn that a life has been saved from the blood we have donated we will definitely get a smile on our face and some sort of rejuvenation that yes I have done something good before dying.

Keshav Biyani

Helphen India

~Igniting little dreams

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