International Day of Yoga

21st June is the longest day of the year. Apart from being the summer solistice this day is also celebrated as the international day of yoga. The reason behind the worldwide celebration of yoga on this particular day holds spiritual significance. Shiva, the first yogi is said to have begun imparting the knowledge of yoga to the rest of mankind on this day.


The word yoga is derived from a sanskrit word “yuj” which means to unite. Performing yoga unites the soul with divine and gives it peace and salvation. In today’s mettle of proving oneself, the inner peace of mind, body and soul is rare. In an unmentioned race to win, we end up neglecting the most precious wealth, the health. Yoga is the earliest known initiative towards health, fitness and happiness. Yoga is known as a cure for a number of diseases and also a prevention to many. Not only is it a fitness formula, but also helps in increasing work efficiency. Meditation increases concentration, which inturn is very important to face today’s hustle bustle. It is a detoxification tool which injects a charisma and vigour in the body and adds energy to our aura.The ultimate goal of yoga is Moksha, that is liberation. This goal is far fetched. However primitive yoga can definitely fulfil the goal of healthy living, happy living.

a31696a013832923b93b16ada54c5e10--the-soul-yoga-quotesDedicate an hour’s time of your schedule to yoga. This will definitely work wonders and also make your life wonderful! So on this International day of Yoga, let us celebrate one of the most ancient scientific practice that adds innumerous feathers to India’s rich culture and heritage.


Helphen India

~Igniting little dreams

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