Welcome to India

The most perfectly imperfect place.  Where dreams remain rooted in our imagination and never come to life. Where society lays prison bars around us. Suffocating us. Strangling us. India…. A place where poverty is a way of life.  The little girl in the slum who can only dream of becoming a teacher. The boy working in the hotel that puts on a cap and acts to be an astronaut. India ….. a place where your caste gets you admission into colleges and is your ticket to get jobs. Where brilliant people and seen as outcastes and frauds are idolized. India…. A place where the red light isn’t a traffic light but a place where a woman sells her body. She has to….for she needs to feed her child. She has no other way.  Here politicians sell false hopes like cigarettes and watch as they burn and turn to ash and are swept away by the wind.

India a place where Durga ma is worshiped but girls are seen as a burden. Forced to let go of their lives and dreams and work in the kitchen. India…. a place where the law is soft to actors and gurus but stone for the common man. A place where discrimination is a way of life and in the name of religion hundreds of lives are destroyed. We are the largest democracy but with what use when we have the smallest mindsets. When we can’t digest a woman working in an office or going to college how do we expect the nation to grow. To fly. To prosper. India is known for its diversity. But the secret division caused by this diversity will always remain whispers in the walls. Yes, India is great. It’s great for politicians for actors and people with reservations. It’s great for the sons of families. But for the remaining, it’s not. Yes. It. Is. Not. Great.

So come to India. Enjoy these wonders that you will not find in most other countries.

Welcome to India. The land of discrimination and false hopes!


We are still there. We the youth. Filled with passion. Burning with desire. Waiting for an opportunity. An opportunity to prove that we can make our nation great again. We will pick our nation up. We will make the little girl a teacher. And the boy will reach the moon and back. We will do it. We can and we will. And we at Helphen are doing exactly that. We at Helphen are the youth for the nation. To educate the needy and to provide opportunities for all. Come join us. Let’s make India great.

Welcome to India! Welcome to the future! Welcome to happiness

-Shaik Faraaz Mohammed

-Helphen India

-Igniting little dreams

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