No. Please stop. Please let me go. Help!!!! someone please help me. Please don’t do this. Help me please.


That’s how i begged them to stop, that’s how i cried for help. But the gentlemen of our nation didn’t bother to stop by and help me, because they were afraid of the men raping me.

Mamma asked me to join karate classes. She thought this could  keep me safe. But even my karate kicks could not win against the 5 men. I tried to save myself, i tried to save my “purity” as this is what our nation calls it. But, i wasn’t pure anyway. I wasn’t what anyone calls a VIRGIN anymore. So the society had the right to take away what i didn’t have, my purity.


I was coming back home from work when these men surrounded me. women have an intution when they are in danger but i felt utterly helpless even then. I fought as much as i could but you know, men are physically stronger.

“Silence is the key to success”, they said

But people took it too literally when I cried in the dark for help.

I could hear people walking by but no one chose to help. No one came to my aid. They broke me physically, but they could not harm me emotionally, my confidence, and my will to grow.


I went back home and told my parents about it. They hugged me and cried for hours. My parents treated me as a fragile person from then, took extra care of me, dropped me and picked me up from my work place. They weren’t wrong, they were concerned as every parent would be. But this left me with hundreds of questions. Are women fragile? Can rape break them so easily? Should i not go anywhere alone? Did these rapists take away my freedom? will they affect me to this extent that i stop living my life my normal way, and what not. These questions haunted me for a long time.


Rape is more common than theft now. Of all the cases I’ve seen and read, i realized that on an average, out of every 5 girls, 1 is raped. According to rape statistics, 106 rapes happen everyday out of which 4 out of 10 victims are minors. The most number of minor rape cases were reported in Madhya Pradesh (2,467), Maharashtra (2,292), Uttar Pradesh (2,115), Odisha (1,258) and Tamil Nadu (1,169). In 2017, 338,954 cases were registered as cases against women out of which 82% are rape and out these rape cases, 95% of the accused already knew the victim.


My rapists were my college mates. They knew me very well and i knew all about them. People think rape can ruin a girl’s life, but that’s not true. They wanted to punish me because i broke up with their friend. I choose my happiness over his and i got punished. They forgot that i am a girl. I am stronger than any guy. I am confident. And nothing they do will ever stop me from growing and becoming what i want. I went to the court, explained everything that happened that night to the judiciary. Now i know, the law always has a punishment for the sinner .


I cannot imagine how many people still think rape has a lot to do with the survivor. But i know lack of education is the main reason behind this. Right from the start we girls are expected to stay protected, to stay reserved, refrain from wearing clothes that are not approved by the society , always be aware and what not. There’s nothing ever wrong in taking precautions and safety measures. But right now, it’s not our girls who need to be saved. It’s our boys. Our boys should be protected from the society, from the crime, from the evil that’s dwelling in our nation. I am unaware as to how it could be achieved, but that could help resolve situation to a great deal. It’s a request to all the parents and especially mothers to teach their sons how to respect women, not see them as someone who needs support, not be jealous of their success and what not. Every boy deserves the ethics our society has given to all the girls. This might help change the condition of the nation a bit.

The rate of rapes is so high that no one can give assurance of this becoming even better, but all we can do as individuals is try. There are multiple women who faced this. They require proper counseling, proper medical aids and proper care. Girls need to realise that nothing can break them apart. Not even rape. It’s better to grow out of it and consider it as an accident that happened. Not something that can stop us from growing. One of my college professor taught me this. It helped me grow and get out of my safe land, my home. I realized, there’s nothing that can kill my confidence, my will, my opportunities and my worth.



It’s been 4 years since that incident took place. And yet here i am, standing among all the men, working with them and i do not fear them. I am a strong woman with a strong will, and nothing can take that away from me. I will be myself.




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